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August 2019

The act of balancing exercise!

The act of balancing exercise, fitness and physical activity goals with life Let’s face it – balancing our work, family and friends is a mission in as of itself and adding in exercise and diet into the mix can feel extremely overwhelming. Many of us feel like we do not have enough time to prepare our food for the next day, cook a healthy dinner from scratch every evening, get our weekly workouts in, and attend to our personal needs as well as to the needs of important others in our lives.  You consequently might not be surprised to know that the...

Upright Row….How About No?

So, today we are going to talk about one of my least like exercises and the reasons why i don't believe this is a valuable or great exercise for you. The Upright Row (High Pull). The reason this is my most disliked exercise is because of the POTENTIAL for injury from this movement, especially when load is placed on the body in performing the exercise. Now, potential is the word I want you to focus on. By no means am I saying that you are guaranteed to pick up an injury from this, but that the potential for that to occur is far greater...

Running… Am I Doing It Right?

Strange title you may be thinking right now, but I assure you its not as strange as it may seem. Over the last few weeks, I have been dishing out some information on this quite a bit, whether that be through being asked about pain in joints, running speed or just comfort while running.  Are you a heel striker? A forefoot striker? Do you do a bit of both or you don't know? The way I have been talking about this recently is using different treadmills. So at Level Ten Fitness we have both a self propelled treadmill and a normal electric treadmill. On the...

What Are Compound Exercises?

Today, I’m going to talk briefly about compound exercises. What are they? Why should you be doing them? So, a compound exercise is basically an exercise that involves more than one muscle group with Deadlifts, Squats and Bench Press being the main 3, as opposed to an isolation exercise such as bicep curls or hamstring curls. With a compound movement, multiple muscle groups are recruited in order to complete the exercise, meaning that the body is working harder to complete each rep. In the deadlift for example, the hamstrings, lower back, glutes and calves are used in order to execute the movement. In this example of an isolation exercise...